Voice Search SEO Optimization

Voice Search SEO Optimization

The major role is played by the voice recognition which helps in increasing the adoption of the voice search past many years. It should be used to get a piece of adding favor of voice search and browse the web for buying goods and services. It can also be used in writing the reviews and optimized the voice search with adding Apple’s Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Voice Search.

Ensure the website design is mobile-friendly or responsive

There are Top-ranked sites which use responsive Web design (RWD) and adapt to the size of the device users are using to view it and designing a website specifically for mobile devices. Siri and other major voice software are currently can also used for mobile users. Also, there are some common mistakes which usually frustrate mobile visitors, so to avoid having unplayable Flash videos a significant content in your pages is added.

How schema help the software

There are Digital assistant and search engines available which rely on structured data. It helps to interpret the info on your site. Also, there are many top-ranked sites available which hire SEO experts. These SEO experts try to implement appropriate schema on your website and help direct the voice software.

Optimize Your Local Listings

Voice Search work as a tool which can recognize “near me” and refer to the mobile user’s physical location to get results. And they’re not correlating that search with your on-page keywords. Turn to Google My Business to get more listings.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

Google Search Console reports will tell you what actual queries that how the Long-tail Keywords work it brings people to your site. Whereas, People are not always using the voice search as they are searching like a regular search.

Beef up Your Microdata

Research shows that 40% of all adult searches are done using Voice Command Searches. There are top ranked sites, XML Sitemaps, prices, and directions to your brick & mortar store are readable not only to visitors but also to search engines. To increase the chances the search engine, you should use Microdata to help Google understand in what way you are using its elements. According to Google’s own research, mobile bounce rates are much higher than 9.56% which is more than as a desktop. So if you’re focusing on voice search optimization, mobile user experience should be your first priority. Not only has this but it helped in improving your Site Speed by using Voice searchers which usually runs faster on your site to have better experience.