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Compatibility with new standards of mobiles is necessary to have a better user interface, which can be achieved using Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) development method. AMP load much faster than the regular pages as they contain super-headed powerful content streamlining mechanisms. Hence, AMP improves Google ranking and extra SEO benefits.

What is AMP?

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is an open standard project by Google aimed to enable quick page loading on mobile phones, and hence improve SEO results. In simpler words, it basically strips down HTML code using schema mark-up development services.

Reduced Load Time

AMP is developed in a way that it cuts down page loading time for easy and accurate access.

Mobile Friendly

AMPs work across all devices and platforms, making it an ideal and SEO-friendly choice for mobile platforms.

AMP Stamps on search

The clear mark-ups on search results make AMP powered websites more attractive and more likely to be selected by users.

Optimized Data Consumption

The app can be installed on browser’s home screen, allowing quick access without having to visit app store each time.

Enhanced SEO

All pages load much quicker and do not require web content customisation for readily search engines optimised, mobile friendly web pages.

Adjustment on any browser

Customised webpage layout makes AMP websites adaptable and compatible to all sorts and sizes of mobile devices.

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AMP Design & Development Services

AMP not only drastically reduces the load time of static content pages, but also reduces the loading time of advertisements that are loaded after the text pages. The core purpose of the entire ecosystem of AMP development is to make a whole web and ads creation consistently faster, beautiful and high-performing for all devices and platforms.

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Why is AMP page faster?

Fast loading feature of AMP page depends on multiple factors that are integrated together to work as a speed booster from various dimensions. Here are some of the key factors for faster AMP page loading

  • Pre-connect APIs

    The widely used pre-connect APIs make sure that all HTTP requests are dealt with at much faster pace when they are made to enable processing of lazy load requests quickly.

  • Lazy load

    Speeding up at the roots, all resources of AMPs are lazy loaded when they are users view it or is left idle for specific time.

  • Inline style sheets

    The inline style sheets explicitly remove bundles of HTTP requests made during critical rendering path and lighten the loading process.

  • Instant loading through pre-rendering

    AMP gives an option to develop affordable, readily available and reliable pre-render resource. These pre-renderings render the page before the user could navigate through the page and make them available by the time the user clicks the page.

Websoft System way of implementing AMP for your website:

Here we have Websoft System which works as a leader in developing the AMP across the different companies around the world. It does not require any additional build in the process over a normal HTML site instead of this AMP work extremely fast and best in the market. The pages load time to time and handle a large amount of content easily.

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How does AMP Schema work?


    AMP HTML is keyed format of standard HTML that adds extra advantages, more restriction options and custom tags for special effects.

  • AMP JS

    A special JavaScript mark-up designed for mobile pages to handle anachronic loading and resources.


    The option of CDN makes AMP web pages loaded with cache clearing options and hence, get optimised performances.


There are various issues such as slow load times that occur because of its extensive analytic scripts and other promotional content. Usually, these cause users to either close the page or install them. AMP developed in a way that loads content before rich media. It makes an amazing and accelerated Mobile Page that is developed by Websoft System the best choice for the best AMP Web Design.


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