Magento Speed Optimization

Our Websoft systems acquire a high level of user experience that contributes largely to the success of eCommerce stores. The load time of the page is the basic pillar and helps our experts to reduce the time less than 3 to 4 seconds. We help in achieving the configuration of the web server by threading JavaScript’s and CSS. We use SEO point of view to get a better result. As we know that Load time is important for the user experience in order of placements in the eCommerce store. Therefore, a low page load time represents a high business value, as it directly affects conversion. With appropriate optimization, you could serve your customers faster than your competitors.

Page load time is one of the most significant factors in the ranking of Google search engine, so the level of optimization rendering to the success of an eCommerce store also from the point of view of SEO. The reason for this is that Google aims to give the highest ranking to WebPages offering the best user experience. A Magento eCommerce store can be speeded up to 3 to 5 seconds by carrying out non-cache-based optimization tasks such as:

  • We Reduce the file size of product along with photos and other pictures
  • We have Grip header setting on the web server page
  • We use threading JavaScript’s and CSS files

We have basic optimization task, so we recommend having solution developed by Websoft System for our clients which are integrated into Magento. We use the extension with this so that the load time of pages can be reduced. However we put this module into operation and configured specifically for this purpose to help of the Magento module you can be sure that the number of orders placed from mobile devices will not depend on the speed of your eCommerce store.