Magento upgration

We have experts in Magento Update who perform superior.

We offer a Magento upgrade that does not consist of the merely running script since the new version has been released. We relieve you of the update process, which is often complicated and contains obstacle blocks. The greater the version changes between the most recent and the used version, the greater the chance that problems will arise that requires intervention from the developer.

Our Websoft System offers all composite systems which come with all basic function and test thoroughly before the updated version goes live. We often request to upgrade Magento online stores and implemented codebases. We have a huge amount of independent developments that were not developed by us and are not compatible with each other. We are the earlier developer and installed free or paid extensions.


Is it really worth upgrading to the most recent Magento Version?

  • Security Updates – It is highly important for both the customers and owner of the Ecommerce to contain all the security patches since the latest version.
  • New functions – Our system will help in increase the modification and facilitate administration practically all versions to bring in developments
  • Optimization advantages – Our system often upgrades to optimize for the approach speed of the product database or for the working of the administration interface.
  • Advancement of the front-end – We upgraded users who can get access completely revamp responsive version of the web template.


  1. We start with a confidentiality agreement is made for the complete source of the live page and an actual database backup.
  2. We have systems that web crafts and examine the eCommerce store from both the visitors and the administrator point of view.
  3. We give a price offer for the version upgrade and for the organization of functions inserted in the Core into external modules so our functionality does not conflict in the Magento Core
  4. After concluding the contract, we get to work and integrate it with our revision control system.
  5. After the upgrade, a manual testing team will check the entire functionality and prepare an error list for our developers.
  6. Our developers always carry out each and every module functions to be put into the Magento Core and upgrade the third parties module(extension), if it is necessary to the new version.
  7. The eCommerce store is inbuilt with automated testing work and in this way, we can continuously control whether or not basic critical business functions work properly.
  8. We strike up the upgraded Magento version without any errors at the storage location of the live web page, at the agreed time.
  9. We will not leave you on your own as we will make a proposal offering our ongoing support packages.

We are ready to help you, simply contact us if you have any query.