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Angular.js is known for its capabilities to transform regular websites into modern Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that work like native apps without being one. Our dedicated Angular.js PWA development teams use latest methods and tools to provide the best possible services.

Angular.js PWA Development Features!

Angular.js Progressive Web App (PWA) combines the properties of web apps and native apps to deliver and app-like experience for Angular.js websites without an app – it is like the best of both worlds. Adding to that, progressive principle are the centre of Angular.js PWA development, making them so versatile and flexible that they work for all users, all browsers and is compatible to all sorts of devices like PC, laptops, mobile, tablet, fablets, etc run by various operating systems.

Quickly Add to Home screen

The quick shortcut banners feature of Angular.js PWAs lets users install shortcuts into their home screens or browser for easy access, launch and return.

Fast Rendering data

Angular.js is very speedy and flexible and mutation of PWA progressive approach makes it a powerful, powerful web technology when used with care and planning.

Engaging Push Notifications

Angular.js PWA offers attractive, relevant and timely push notifications for maximum user re-engagement, even without sending email newsletters or having the browser open.

Convenient Offline Mode

The preloaded characteristic engrained in Angular.js PWA development facilitates offline mode for PWA access in weak or no mobile network conditions.

Easy updates

Just like all other PWAs, Angular.js Progressive Web Apps update upon each page refresh and do not need special updates to stay up to date.

Searchable By Search Engines

Angular.js naturally holds SEO methodologies at its core, so that the app is not just very user-friendly, but also very SEO-friendly.

Reusable Modules

Angular.js has bundles pre-built components that can be tweaked as per your app needs and used directly to build a flexible and progressive website.


Angular.js itself is depends on a number of different libraries and is exceptionally extendible so that one can be fully customized as per the workflow that fulfils the needs of your business.

Best MVC Support

Our seasoned programmers will develop Angular.js PWAs using the codes of flawless MVC concepts, modules and dependency injection to save a lot of time and efforts, and get the best possible results at the same time.

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Why Choose AngularJS PWA Development Service?

It is very simple, the core principles of Angular.JS offers more flexibility compared to regular HTML. The flexibility allows developers to create a single-page app with a much simpler development cycle and quick testing process for quick delivery of your perfect Angular.js PWA that is absolutely ready to rock the world.

When you have the adroit Websoft System development team working by your side, rest assure that you will receive most reliable and the best AngularJS web development services in the market – from day one to days beyond implementation of the app. We will take care of every little requirement that you and your app needs and our deep domain expertise in the field enables us to be able to outperform your expectations. Our teams are experienced in delivering varies applications and solutions that integrate the best of AngularJS framework with PWA approach. But more importantly, we focus on providing you with Angular.js progressive web app development services that are:

  • User friendly and Interactive Applications
  • Customised as per your business needs
  • Best ecommerce web application development
  • Extra Plug-ins for versatility
  • Embedded Chat bots for all kinds of PWAs
  • Real-Time and social applications
Do Progressive Web applications comply with future scope?

Experts in the field of technology have predicted that at least 20% companies will adapt to the “Progressive Web Apps” concepts and quit using traditional web apps for so that they can be free from the need of having to develop and maintain separate native apps for mobile users. Since the Progressive Web applications are jam-packed with the best of both native and web based apps, they never fail in outperforming standard websites, web apps and even the native mobile apps.

Also, the modern futuristic features like make PWAs a perfect choice that lets developers provide frequent improvements and updates without having to publish updated versions of apps and compelling users to download the giant files to be able to use latest versions of your app. You can simply just serve the latest version of your app all the time, with updates that load with each page refresh on the user end.

Hire React.js Developers

There are thousands of Angular.JS PWA developers but the adroit Websoft system development team will serve you with the optimally customized web applications that are a balanced blend of interactive and user-friendly features of Angular.js and PWA development for a seamless end result. We have years of experience in working with Angular.js and our dedicated PWA experts will provide you with the best end-to-end application solutions that are highly extensible, readable and spontaneous for you and your users – dedicated to grow your business.

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  • AngularJS Cross Platform Development
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  • AngularJS QA and Testing
  • AngularJS Support, Maintenance & Optimization

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

Fast loading feature of PWA depends on multiple factors that are integrated together to work as a speed booster from various dimensions. Here are some of the key factors for faster PWA:

  • Lighting load speed

  • Engaging push notifications

  • Real-Time Analytics

  • Quickly add to home screen

  • Full-screen experience

  • Searchable by search engines

  • Installable and safe

  • No App Store Required

  • No Need to Update App

“Progressive Web Apps (PWA) will replace 50% of consumer-facing apps by 2020.”


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