Magento PWA Development

With Magento Progressive Web Apps (PWA) development, apps work with the same code on Android and iOS platforms, eradicating the need to develop separate apps for different mobile platforms. Everything can be handled from your standard Magento eCommerce store while getting like native app-like user experience.

Magento 2 PWA Development Features!

Progressive Web App (PWA) uses unique web capabilities to deliver app-like experience for Magento websites. The progressive advancement principle makes these apps work for all users, on all browsers of and fitting the style and size factor for desktops, mobile, tablet, etc.

Quickly Add to Home screen

PWAs allow installation of banners into users’ home screens so that it can be quickly and seamlessly accessed, launched and returned to.

Lightning Load Speed

Magento PWAs have progressive development at the core so they respond quickly and load animations and navigation extremely smoothly.

Engaging Push Notifications

Attractive, relevant and timely push notifications ensure maximum user re-engagement even when the browser is closed.

Convenient Offline Mode

The preloaded PWA make them available even during weak or no mobile network conditions so that it can be used anywhere users go.

Easy updates

Magento Progressive Web Apps can be easily updated upon each page refresh.

Searchable By Search Engines

Magento 2 Progressive Web App is developed with standard web structures so they can be optimised to make them SEO friendly.

Ready to Start Building Your PWA?
What is Magento Progressive Web App?

Magento Progressive Web App (PWA) combines the benefits of mobile web and native apps to create “the best of the best” development features. Upon first visit, users will be invited to use the Progressive Web App by adding it to their home screen. The will allow them to return to the app with just one click without any installation and with the accelerated pages, the web app will load in no time, even with flaky internet. All these and many more features make PWA, the perfect choice for Magento stores to boost user engagement and gain profits.

What is the future of Progressive Web applications?

Researchers have predicted that 20% of existing brands will leave native apps by 2019 and replace them with “Progressive Web Apps” as they deliver web based applications removes the need of separate native apps. In fact, the Progressive Web applications get the best of both native and web based apps, making them so powerful that they outperform the native web apps.

PWA give bunch of promising features like enabling users to get the latest version of your app all the time, without bothering about fussy and frequent updates. And developers can deliver continuous improvements by adding new features and fixes instantly, without adding extra updates.

How Do We Help You Build A Powerful Web App Suited As Per Your Business Needs?

We will begin the app development process by strategising and plan the entire working of the app before beginning actual coding. The pre-planning phase will help us better understand your requirement, needs and hence select the perfect architecture frame by frame for a structured app experience.

During the development mode, our development team will continuously communicate and support you, starting from the inception to the completion and deployment of your web application. Meanwhile, we will also add checkpoints to reduce cost of ownership because this web application by cutting down maintenance cost. The sustainable and structured app development will boost the scalability of your product after completion of the project.

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

Fast loading feature of PWA depends on multiple factors that are integrated together to work as a speed booster from various dimensions. Here are some of the key factors for faster PWA:

  • Lighting load speed

  • Engaging push notifications

  • Real-Time Analytics

  • Quickly add to home screen

  • Full-screen experience

  • Searchable by search engines

  • Installable and safe

  • No App Store Required

  • No Need to Update App

“Progressive Web Apps (PWA) will replace 50% of consumer-facing apps by 2020.”


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